Shockingly Good Customer Service

I’ve been here before, to purchase replacements, was always in and out, didn’t think too much. Today I brought in a stuck cylinder. Said I needed a replacement that worked with existing keys. Guy asked me to wait as he helped the old man ahead of me. After about 10 minutes, he took a look at my lock, and said it was probably serviceable. 5 minutes later he said he got it turning smoothly just by cleaning it and removing the master key pin (I didn’t have the master key anyway). Told he no charge because he made me wait quite awhile.

I lived in NYC for 28 years, and the customer service and hospitality in this city keeps shocking me. From fast food restaurants that ask you to take a seat, and bring your food, to clothing stores that offer to hold your jacket, and take everything your holding to a prepped fitting room. Add this place to the list of shockingly good customer service. – Oliver K. on Yelp