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Name Rob Marsh
Title Locksmith
Hometown Auburn, New York

You can call me Rob
I was born and raised with small-town family values in Auburn, New York.
-With big city dreams-

In 1992, my father’s Masonry business brought the family and I to Las Vegas. I was more than happy to help and take this opportunity to “get out.” I began community college courses in accounting and business management shortly after arriving. Although my family would eventually decide city life wasn’t for them and headed home, I was thriving.

After meeting a local guitarist, we formed a band and called it “Ulterior Motives”. We toured the west coast for many years. During this time, I worked “jobs.” I had an interest in photography; I found myself at Walmart, managing the one-hour photo lab, and managing Ritz camera. I eventually became a wedding photographer/supervisor at the Bellagio hotel and casino.

It wasn’t until 2004 when my daughter Dream was born that I began seeking a career. I was given the opportunity to learn to be a locksmith at Liberty Lock and Key. I immersed myself in this craft, learning everything I could and taking great pride in calling myself a locksmith.

I grew with this company for over a decade through many owners and developing relationships with companys all over the city who count on me to keep their dream safe. Once Liberty’s values no longer matched mine, it became time to seek out the company my friends were moving to. A stable ground that would allow me to continue to grow and, with support, provide quality work for my friends throughout the valley. I am proud to be part of the American Lock & Key team!