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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become more common in residential homes, and is considered an essential part of any Las Vegas business. Not only does it provide peace of mind, it allows security monitors to actively watch, record and review footage. Where taking a still shot picture can give an impression a recorded video tells the whole story.

Your American Lock & Key video surveillance system can be as simple or complex as you like. We can even help you strategically grow your system out over time to help you keep your costs low and security high. By identifying high risk areas to initiate your video surveillance solution and installing there first, you can start protecting your Las Vegas home or business in no time.

Who Uses Video Surveillance in Las Vegas?

The first industry to come to mind are the casinos and small gaming bars. With so much money on the line the cost of a video surveillance system is insignificant to the money being protected by having one. Other Las Vegas industries commonly using video surveillance include, retail stores, banks, data companies, construction companies and construction sites, auto dealerships, and convenience stores. But it is not uncommon for small strip malls to offer video surveillance and virtual guard patrols.

Keep your Las Vegas business, your employees and your patrons protected with video surveillance from American Lock & Key today.

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