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Master Key Design

Imagine having a single key to access all the doors at your Las Vegas business. A master key system designed by the professional locksmiths at American Lock & Key makes this possible. Our experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths will create a custom master key design for your business.

Why are Master Key Systems Popular?

In short a master key design can make it more convenient for property owners and building administrators to access the multiple locks on their properties. Should you need to gain access to a room or portion of a building where the occupants have been locked out, your master key will provide all the access you need.

Master keys are especially helpful to property managers and outside vendors such as vending machine technicians, building janitors, security technicians, HVAC cleaning and maintenance crews, and fire protection engineers, just to name a few. The time you would have spent fumbling around even the most well-organized keychain can be saved as you and your vendors easily access the areas they need to and you can get back to business.

Residential & Commercial Properties Frequently Using Master Keys

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Vacation Properties
  • Hospitals
  • Government Buildings
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Executive Suites & Virtual Offices
  • Warehouses & Industrial Facilities

Contact the Las Vegas locksmiths at American Lock & Key to learn more about master keys today