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Duplicate Transponder Keys

Your newer model vehicle has more advanced technology than cars from even just a few years prior, and that includes advanced key technology, too. If you vehicle has a transponder (or Chip) key, you may want to program a spare, instead of spending hundreds more dollars should you lose your key in the future. Take your transponder key to the dealership and your head might just spin at the cost of a programmed transponder key. Calling the locksmiths at American Lock & Key can save you hundreds of dollars, and a big headache.

Why Get a Spare Transponder Key?

Reprogramming your car can be quite the process. First you have to take your vehicle to the dealership, which could be a problem if you lose your spare key. Some transponder keys can run upwards of $300 or more. In specialty key cases the actual key itself may cost this much even before being programmed. The time, cost and inconvenience can easily be averted by contacting American Lock & Key in Las Vegas.

Save Money on Specialty Chip Keys

In most instances American Lock & Key automotive locksmiths can clone your transponder key in Las Vegas without you having to walk further than from our truck to your car. With the exception of Philips 46 chips (approximately 1/3 of the chipped car key market) a key may be able to be cloned without the vehicle present.

Having a cloned key is just like using the original which allows for you to bypass other limitations your vehicle manufacturer may have set. This includes unlimited copies, where most cars have a limit of 4 to 8 keys programmed simultaneously, your cloned key will act just like the original. We can even copy Valet Keys.

Honda Red & Black Keys

Some of the first generation Hondas and Acuras with transponder keys require a RED key, sold with the car, in order to program new ones. With a decade since these vehicles were originally released many people have misplaced, lost or simply purchased a vehicle without this key exchanging hands. This can result in a cost between $400 and $600 to remedy.

In Las Vegas, American Lock & Key automotive locksmiths can help you save time, headaches and in some cases up to 75 percent of the cost on duplicate transponder keys. Call us first for quick, affordable locksmith services of all types.

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