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Closed Circuit TV

Businesses and property owners frequently use closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to privately monitor activity and offer surveillance and security of their grounds. With the installation of strategically placed cameras and directly connected display monitors and recording equipment your CCTV system can offer peace of mind and heightened security.

Who Uses Closed Circuit TVs?

Most commonly used around the Las Vegas area by retail shops, convenience stores, banks, casinos and strip mall owners, the number of businesses that use CCTV continues to grow. Recently law enforcement and government agencies began using CCTV on our roadways to monitor traffic and allow emergency services to react more quickly to incidents.

What’s Needed to Provide CCTV?

With advanced in technology and reduced costs closed circuit television systems have become more affordable and therefore more commonplace. An entire CCTV system will require multiple cameras, video recording equipment, display monitors, and in most cases multiple shifts of individuals ready to react to incidents should one occur.

How Much Do CCTV Systems Cost?

Each closed circuit television system will vary in cost depending on the quality and number of cameras and features, and the number of display, among other factors. For instance, fixed aperture lenses (ones that can’t be adjusted for distance or lighting) tend to be much lower in cost than the most advanced lenses that automatically focus and zoom in on objects in their view.

Other considerations are whether you want hidden cameras, dummy cameras with blinking lights, high resolution display monitors, and the ability to view the system online or within your facility.

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