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Access Control Systems

Keep your Las Vegas business secure by installing a state-of-the-art access control system from American Lock & Key today. As your local full-service security shop and locksmith we can offer the best access control system technology at affordable prices. We even offer fast turnarounds to ensure that your business and employees are protected quickly.

Your Las Vegas Access Control Experts

Businesses of all types in Las Vegas use access control systems to manage and protect their employees. From schools to hospitals, apartment complexes to call centers, warehouses and software companies, even professional services such as bookkeeping and law firms use this technology for peace of mind and security.

Also known as a automated locking system or badging system, your installed access control system offers remote management to maintain security 24/7 at your business. Entry ways are fitted with magnetic locks and an electronic reader to help employees rest at ease and allow you to manage your employees ability to access your facility.

How Do Access Control Systems Work

Each employee is assigned a specific badge or fob to allow them to access privileged areas of your business. Every entry point has a code and each “key” an employee assignment. In short, an employee can be given access to only the areas they need to enter, at the times they should be allowed to enter. All entries and key swipes are recorded and can be reviewed by IT and senior management at any time using the management system.

For example, an employee on a sales floor can be given access to only the sales floor, common areas and front and rear entry Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, thus preventing them from entering restricted areas or the business after hours or on weekends. A senior executive or CEO could be granted all access to all areas, 24/7.

Should an employee be terminated or be removed from a specific position, their access can be restricted or removed in a few short key strokes.

Your Access Control System May Include:

  • Mag-Locks or Magnetic Locks
  • Automated Locking Systems
  • Off-Site Management Controls or Remote Management
  • Key Fobs, Proxi Cards, or Badges
  • HID Readers

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